Steven von Kohorn - Founder / Director

25 years Advertising and Media agency ownership. 14 years mobile communications and web development innovator. Developed Skramblr concept and wrote the encryption algorithms. Awarded Government Regional Enterprise Award 2008 (Aust) for internet services.

Steven is co-founder of WRC Technologies (Asia) and of Rockstar Apps (London) with Partho Sen with whom he has worked for seven years.

Alina Lapusneanu – Non Executive Director Corporate StrategyMBA, UMKC – Bloch, Wharton, & London

Alina was the youngest ever, director of Vodafone and Head of Vodafone Global Mobile Products and still consults to them as independent advisor. An innovator in the mobile app industry, Alina is a co-founder of the very successful Fiskl finance app and key advisor to other mobile technology groups. Alina heads our Strategy and Corporate Governance and has been with our team for three years.

Partho Sen: MSc Physics, Computer Science

Partho has an extraordinary knowledge of all things mobile, underpinned by 15 years management experience in cutting edge software development. Partho is an expert in data management solutions and emerging mobile technologies. Partho heads up our development teams and our research into future trends and has been with our team for seven years.

Ayan Hore MBA: - Head of Operations

Operational roll out, through, user engagement and new user acquisition. Ayan also oversees Skramblr’s development sprints to ensure objectives are met. Ayan manages our team of in-house developers and is the key interface with our technology partners/suppliers. Ayan has been with our team for six years.

Charlie Schmitt: Company Lawyer: International Law: I.P protection

Charlie’s legal advice is underpinned by a 25 year career specialising in the music and entertainment industries and sports promotions on a global basis. Based in Florida, USA, Charlie overseas commercial activities in North and South America and Canada and is Skramblr’s corporate law, licensing and I.P. advisor.

Skramblr. Our hard working, ever excited mascot who is everywhere at once being the brand evangelist for Skramblr across all cultures and languages. Skramblr does not have an MBA or computer science degree but he sure is good looking!

So much more than mobile messaging!

Skramblr Delivers

Free Video Calls. Free Audio Calls. Free Audio Messaging. Unique & powerful encryption that’s super fast and easy to use. Available now for Android and Apple coming very soon (Sept 2016), Skramblr simply uses the same internet data plan that you have for your current email and web browsing. With Skramblr, you don’t have to pay anything to message and share just about anything with your friends.

Skramblr keeps your secrets

Your private text chats, photos and videos can be easily hidden from snooping eyes. You can send messages encrypted or you can encrypt them after they have been received. Convert whole conversations or just a few lines into secret script that no one but you can unravel. Use Skramblr’s total lock-out to secure your phone from anyone. Skramblr’s encryption algorithm is so smart, it changes every 100th of a second and once all the information has been encrypted, it then does several other layers of character exchanges so that your secrets are really, really safe. Take that, Mr Hackers.

Shake ‘n Break Secrets

Simply shake your phone twice and hide your current chat from prying eyes. It disappears from your chat history and appears in a secret chat history. Only you can access it with your own 4 digit code. Brilliant for business, social chats or personal information.

Skramblr animates your messages

Use Skramblr’s catalogue of brilliant animations to sauce up your chat or, select animated greeting cards and messages to send for just about any special occasion… Birthdays, invites, anniversaries, seasonal, getting hired, getting fired, kicking a goal, just hanging out… there will be a Skranimation to cover it! Build your own library of Skranimations to drop in chat or send later. Soon we will be launching Animation.Cafe, a super animation marketplace where 3D animators and designers from all cultures can contribute brilliant new skranimations and 3D nano-movies for all Skramblr users to enjoy.

But…. This isn’t about US…. It’s about YOU!

Skramblr has been released into the world for its millions of users in every country and culture. Skramblr grows and evolves with your input, suggestions, corrections and continued usage.

For Skramblr to be successful, we need to know that we are delivering exactly what you want and we are listening to you, every day, 24 hours a day. Let us know your thoughts in the feedback option, right from inside the settings area inside Skramblr. It’s Easy!